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— What is the name the guy with reddish hair? - I asked, furtively watching a handsome man. He was still staring at me, but not curiously, unlike the majority of students. It is interesting that its so disappointing? - Edward. He, of course, darling, but you can not spend time on it. This proud man with no one found. Obviously, our girls are not good enough for him - with the obvious insult Jessica said. Is it time to otshit Cullen? Trying to hide a smile, I bit my lip and looked back at Edward. He turned away, but there were dimples in his cheeks, as if he too was smiling. A few minutes later, all four went up from the table. How gracefully they move! Even high "weightlifter" had dancers. Too bad they go… Edward Cullen did not even turn around. I sat with Jessica and her friends, and nearly missed the next lesson. Trouble me for anything, especially on the first day. One of my new acquaintances, whose name was Angela, too, was in biology. By the way, we almost do not speak - she is very shy. We went to class, and Angela sat down the back row. Unfortunately, the neighbor she had been. There was only one empty seat in the middle row. Matted bronze hair, brown eyes - I had to sit with Edward Cullen. Secretly watching Edward, I filed a form teacher. As I passed the guy looked me an icy stare. Where so much anger? Caught unawares, I stumbled and nearly fell. Seated next to the girl giggled. Almond-shaped eyes were not brown, and black as coal. Mr. Banner signed my form and gave a textbook, without asking stupid questions. It seems that we get along with him. Naturally, he invited me to sit down with Cullen. Eyes staring at the floor, I approached the desk, behind which I had to sit next to him. Looking straight ahead, I put the book on the desk and sat down, noticing the corner of my eye, that Cullen began to fidget. He moved his chair to the edge of the desk, away from me… frowning, as if from a bad smell! In bewilderment, I sniffed my hair and they smelled of green apples - flavor my favorite shampoo. In my opinion, I'm all right. I lowered my eyes lock on the most like a dark curtain between me and Cullen. Well, I will listen to Mr. Banner. Unfortunately, the lecture was devoted to the molecular anatomy, which I have already studied. I had to listen to and record a second time. I could not resist and a curtain of dark hair no no yes glances at his strange neighbor. He spent the entire lesson on the edge of his chair, trying to stay as far away from me. I noticed that his left hand clenched into a fist, and a pale skin stood out veins. Yes, it seems, from the quiet guy. Long sleeve dark shirt wrapped to the elbow, and I saw how to play the muscles. Edward seemed to be only slender next to the burly brother. It seemed as if the lesson lasts forever. Interestingly, this is because it is the penultimate, or because I waited until razozhmetsya terrible fist? So do not wait. Cullen seemed rooted to the edge of his chair. What is it? Is he always so behaved? It seems that Jessica is not so wrong, that does not love this family. Perhaps it's not only in envy. The problem may not be in me, because Edward does not know me! Once again, I looked at Cullen and bitterly regretted this. Her black eyes blazed with hatred so that I could not help shrank. At the moment I walked up to the meaning of the phrase "kill the look." As soon as the bell rang, Edward jumped up and rushed out of class. It turns out he is a head taller than me! I seemed rooted to his chair and stared blankly after Cullen. So why does he do this to me, for what? As if in a dream, I was collecting things, trying to overcome my anger overflowed. When I get angry, it always ends in tears, and weep for the very first day did not want. - You're Isabella Swan? - Heard a male voice. Looking back, I saw a cute guy with blond hair gel which were divided into smaller strands. Judging by the friendly smile, his smell did not bother me. - Bella - gently corrected me. - My name is Mike. - Nice to meet Mike. - Do you want to help you find the next class? - Actually, I exercise. I think I will find a gym. - I also go to the gym! - Mike said happily. Perhaps, in such a small school such coincidences happen quite often. We went out together into the yard. The guy popped incessantly, but do not seem intrusive. He came to Forks in California ten years ago and also missed the sun. It's good that we have a common English, we will sit down together! It looks like Mike - the most enjoyable of my friends today. - Look what you did with Edward Cullen? - Laughing, asked Mike when we went to the gym. - The guy was obviously not himself! I shuddered. So, I did not seem to Cullen and not all behave like a pig so on. Well, have to pretend to be an idiot. - Cullen - this is the guy with whom I sat on the biology? - I asked innocently. - Yeah, - Mike nodded. - As soon as you sat down to him, he seemed ill stomach. - I do not know - I shook my head - I did not complain about it. - Yes, he just sick! - New trampled friend beside me, instead of having to go into the men's locker room. - If a miracle happened, and you put to me, I would not lose time in vain!

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[я долго искала картинки в интернете, но в итоге решила вставить свои фото. потому что это будет правильная атмосфера]

Я так привыкла разочаровываться в людях, что на чью-либо выходку реагирую лишь "Ах, это…". Но почему-то сегодня все зашло намного дальше, и я буквально начала задыхаться. От людей. От дома. От ситуации. От безысходности. Будто все долгое время копилось во мне, а потом дамбу прорвало. Меня просто трясло. И впервые за долгое время, как бы глупо это не звучало, я собралась и молча ушла. Без цели, не торопясь, наслаждаясь первым за долгое время питерским теплым весенним днем. Мой еврей не позволил мне поехать центр или еще куда-либо, поэтому я просто пошла туда, где ни разу не была.

И это было восхитительно. Я просто шла, разговаривала по телефону с нужными людьми, скупала ненужные вещи в разных магазинчиках, наслаждалась новыми пейзажами, грелась :) А потом я просто включила музыку в наушниках и начала фотографировать, что казалось мне красивым. А красивым было все. Я забыла обо всех своих обидах, обо всех проблемах, я просто куда-то шла под свой божественный плейлист. Было прекрасно.

Господи, это было пару часов назад, но кажется что это была не моя жизнь. Один из самых лучших дней моей жизни, когда я переборола свой страх одиночества и осталась наедине с собой.